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District Six

Marina Weininger - President

Hugh Riner - Vice President

Wayne Allen - Treasurer

Larry Webb - Chaplain

Marie Scarpitti - Past President

Danny Walker - Advisor

Carolyn Smith - Sgt-At-Arms

Everand Arnsdorff - Inner Guard

Jena Marie Arnsdorff - Outer Guard


December 3

February 25

June 3

August 26






District 6 Chili Cookoff January 28, 2023.

Open to all District 6 members. This is to find the best bowl of chili in district 6 and the winner will move on to the State Midyear convention to cook off against other Districts to find the best bowl in Georgia to move on to cook the chili for the Moosehaven Chili cookoff in November. Kitchen space is limited so bring your chili prepared and ready to serve at 3pm. Crock pot chili would be best . Hope to see you there. All judging will be a blind judge by members not cooking and a $5 taster fee will be charged to taste all chili and cast your vote for the best chili. 
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