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The GMA is looking for a small space to create a historical museum.  If you have a space, please contact Bill Kunkle at (404) 867-4375

Georgia Moose Association Tree Lighting at Moosehaven December 7 - 10.

The GMA Board meeting will be held on Saturday Dec 9, 2023 @ Moosehaven.

All Board of Officers are required to attend.

Board meeting @ 10AM: Executive Board and District Presidents.

Meeting including Chairpersons 1:30PM. Chairpersons will be required to read reports of their respective committee(s). Please prepare a written copy to turn in. This includes District reports.

If any Chairperson needs to turn in a proposal for any fundraising that they would like to do, please get with the Ways and Means Chair, Clarke Farmer,, before the officers meeting @ 10AM so they can be addressed. All fundraising wishing to be held @ Mid-Year Conference needs to be presented @ this meeting.

Anyone not able to attend will need to contact President Chris Conley to be excused, 478-957-3587 or

Trainers are not included in these meetings. Reports will be given by Walt.

Weekend Events


If you have already made your reservations before the $92.00 pl tax rate was started, make your new reservation with the link above, ONLY THEN will you cancel your OLD one. Be sure you are canceling the OLD one last.


If you have booked through a third party like TripAdvisor,, Expedia, etc, those third parties do not change or honor the discount rate. You must book through the link above.


Brad is still waiting on Best Western to send him the link for the discounts for future events at Moosehaven.


I can tell you the rate for GA Days (Tree Lighting/Tea Party) will be $89.00 pl tax a night from 12/6-12/10/23. 


1st UPDATE; Brad also advised if a group of Moose members come for 10-20 rooms confirmed, he would get the price lower, except for 2 events that occur in the area, one is a  Golf Tournament, not sure of the other event.

I know there are other Moose Associations that do an event at Moosehaven, this would apply to y'all as well.


Best Western Southside Hotel & Suites

4580 Collins Rd

Jacksonville/Orange Park, FL 32244




Is offering discounts for Moose members when they attend Moosehaven events, including Chili Cookoff and GA Days (GA Days for GA Association), etc.! Tell them your attending an event at Moosehaven and ANY room will be $92.00 pl tax a night!

They are working on getting a link that you'll be able to click to reserve your room hopefully by the end of the week.

If you do not want to wait for that, go ahead and give them a call. Any issues at all, advise that Brad, Sales Mgr has set it up. Your welcome!

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